Thursday, June 12, 2014

Colors of Nature

I have tried a new art supply Colors of Nature - Professional Quality Earth Friendly Artists' Paints. They have 13 colors and as the name of them imply they are very earthy looking. They are really nice paints, work just like your traditional paints. Very vibrant, great for washes and traditional WC'ing.
I really really like them. Mark Stryker the Manager has been very pleasant to deal with
providing information as needed.
They have Vegan Art Supplies , I am really wanting to try the brush cleaner.

Above is an angel I created using only a few colors, I think about 5 of them in the line.
They are based out of Toronto and if you order using my name Angie Westermann you can get
20% off! Contact me for the discount code.

Its a great world when small companies serve communities with really great supplies!

Art on my friends,

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Art Adventures

Over the last month I have taken a few in person art workshops. I have hosted a sold out class at the Quirky Crocodile, a small wonderful shop here in Hamilton Ontario.

I love to teach. I love the buzz that happens when everyday people recognize that artist that lies in waiting.

SO here goes everything.
SO putting this out there to the world and all its possibilities. Home Art Workshops.
I will come to your home with all the supplies! You and your friends will leave with Goddess Art . $50.00 a person, minimum of 6 people which includes yourself, the hostess class is free! PM if you are interested, classes run around 2,5 hrs to 3 hrs. Loads of fun will be had by ALL! I promise I can teach anyone Art. You can look through this blog  and like me on FACEBOOK PAGE to see my style. I also do Birthday parties for children, that price per child will be lower and at a group rate. Universe I am calling out to my angels to help me make this happen.

I consider myself a mixed media artist. I can do acrylics, watercolor, collage , Really anything. I do mean anything. I call myself a Crafty Artisan. I LOVE ANYTHING ARTSY FARTSY.
So would love to hear from you.

Art on Lovilies,


Friday, May 09, 2014

Gypped and Jaded

Today I am home sick, so I decided to check out the Art Lessons on the Art Lessons - Interweave which owns Cloth Paper Scissors , Quilting Magazine etc everything is 40% percent off and by the way they describe it well it sounded like gold....hmmm Fools Gold I'd say.
I got 5 Lessons for $10.00 (BONUS) however one of the videos is 4 minutes long, the PDF is 8 pages long which did not live up to the description of what I was going to learn. I actually watched someone fingerpaint most of the video. Disclaimer # 1 - this is not a direct reflection on the "teacher" I think this is how Interweave has set the Program up. Disclaimer # 2 These are completely my Reviews on what I bought. The videos are super fast time. It makes me think of what my dear husband has been going through, he has been in college for 5 years the college is doing something called "Blended Learning" They get some classroom time (minimal) a you tube video to look at, and ALOT of reading to do.
So Interweave has created this "Blended Learning" Watch a video in super speed time, read a PDF and then go on the big world web to really learn. I guess its like a diving board for creativity. Sounds good, I guess. BUT don't write this nice detailed description on what I am going to learn. That's more like a workshop and ends up being what they call a Lesson, which really was a mini lesson.
Don't waste your time. Go on Youtube and you will find all sorts of videos that will teach you what you want to know. Everyday artists sharing their knowledge.
Some years ago I went against the Cloth Paper Scissors Trading cards and spoke up, I still feel that was poorly handled by Interweave, in the beginning the participants were told they would have to buy the book, in the end I think they got a percentage off, really not sure how that ended up working out.
I just spent ages trying to find the post but I think I deleted the journal. If anyone finds the direct post I wrote please do put it in a comment.
Now with all this being said , I may or may not get backlash from this . I don't really care, just so you know that.
I long ago quit buying CPS magazine, I really should have known better this time.
Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.
My title is gypped and jaded. I have to laugh I can be over dramatic at times.
I am not jaded.
I just wanted everyone to know how I felt about these "Lessons"

Now onto better things.

MIKE passed all his classes, graduation is in June!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am really proud of him. Winter Camping is done. Still working my way through the Creative Grief Grief Coaching Certification, its a really long way for me, I start and stop thank goodness there is no time line on this.

If you really wanna get real visit Mother Henna, follow your own beauty Goddesses.

Here is a piece of art I created

Art on sistahs,

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Disappearing Act

My sweet friend Judie left me a comment "You have disappeared again!" Oh Judie I am so sorry, I keep forgetting your are not on Facebook and because my family is so far away that's where I post a lot of things. So my blog gets pushed aside.
I will try better.
I am going to catch you and those that follow me up.
I am now the proud owner of two little poodle puppies, my new puppy is almost 10 months old, Her name is LULU , ohhhhhhhhhhh how sweet she is. Funny and very very very....did I say VERY energetic.
And then there is little Bella who is almost 2 years old. We have known her since she was 5 days old. WOW! Time just slips through my fingers.
Mike is done school. FIVE years, we are waiting to find out that he passed all his classes and once this happens WELL graduation is in June and he will be a Mechanical Engineer. Can I just say how very proud of him I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So here is a sweet pic of my little pups.

I have been doing a lot of art journaling. I really find it freeing. Mike bought me the journal last year, its lined and I watercolor in it , markers, and really whatever I feel like doing. NO RULES!
And last but not least amongst those pics is a pic of Mike and I , we spent a lot of time this past winter in a program called the "Winter Warrior Program"! Yes we did Winter camping, now while we have a hard camper with heat, Ontario had one of the worst winters in over 2 decades. Very very cold.
We had a wonderful time, there is nothing like having a warm campfire under the stars while beautiful snowflakes swirl around. It truly was magical.

thanks for stopping by and I will try my hardest to stay appearing.

ART on lovies.


Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Art Love - Duality

I am the sort of artist that everything I do has a meaning. I pour my heart and soul into everything I do. Every painting I do, has an underlining meaning. It may not be visible or told but its there, So I have decided to tell some of these stories.
This particular painting was finished the summer of 2013. My husband Mike and I had a fantastic summer, camping, enjoying nature, building lots of campfires and eating lots of spider dogs and S'mores.
I would sit and stare into the beautiful campfire mesmerized by the dancing flames and my mind would wander into the weird and wonderful mind of an artist.
Monday would come and I would find myself sitting at a desk, typing typing typing and more typing. LOL.
I looked around and everyone was typing. I again wandered into my weird and wonderful artist mind and thought " All of us are SO much more than what we see and present to the world."
We live, love, feel joy, sadness, we dance under the moonlight, giggle till we can't catch our breath, cry so hard it feels like our hearts have broken.
 While I really like my job, I LOVE my life.
We all have such a "Duality" to us.
So this goddess gurl reminds me of that.
One side of her is purple and the other side is green. And somehow it works, this crazy wonderful duality of each and every one of us.
Art on my friends,

Friday, November 15, 2013

Goddess and Angel Gurls

Angel #1

As promised here are the angel and goddess gurls, for sale.
They are 5 for $20.00, Size A2 - 4.25 inches x 5.50 inches, they come with a envelope.
They have been professional printed on linen cardstock.This makes the print match the actual art,  like a the painting and reminds me of the watercolor that I begin all my paintings with.
I am also working on a calendar, there will be a goddess/angel gurl for each month, with the calendar part being hand made by me. The size would 8.50 inches by 11 inches , which does not include the calendar part. These would be $28.00. I would have to at least get 10 orders of these to do another print run, as the first run is ALL but sold, I have 8 more left. SO if you are interested in these let me know ASAP.

Shipping for the cards is $3.50 and for calendars is $5.00, I charge actual shipping cost.
Monies can be sent through paypal. My email is altermyworld(dot)angw@gmail(dot)com
The wonderful part you get to choose which angel/goddess gurls you want.
SO you can pick  5 different ones or you can have all the same, it does not matter.
Rocking cool eh?

Goddess #2
Goddess #5
If you are interested please email me - altermyworld(dot)angw@gmail(dot)com
To my art friends, I am always interested in a trade, only for the cards, as the calendars would be too costly .
Art on my lovies and Merry Christmas! And OHHHHHHHHHHH I make Christmas cards also, Crafty Artisans type. Very pretty. Let me know if you are interested in those as I can post some pics.

L. ANg

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Deva Curl- "Calling all Curls" but NOT all gurls!

8 months ago i started using a product designed especially for us curly hair gurls. I really liked it, I liked it SO much i told everyone. Trust me, when i get excited over something I can be very persuasive! Early this month DEVA CURL, put out a call for Curly girls, in Niagara Falls. I was pretty excited I submitted my pictures of my hair and a week or so later I got a thanks but no thanks sorta email, we'll keep your picture on file.
and THEN yesterday on their facebook page, they posted another call, this one was alittle more specific.

A direct Quote:
"Could You Be the Next DevaCurl Top Model? DevaCurl seeks curly models for an upcoming, pro photoshoot in NYC. Selected talent to receive compensation, travel expenses, customized DevaCurl products and curly services by NY Guest Artists. REQUIREMENTS: Must be available November 11-13 and fit size 2-6 wardrobe. Please submit 3-5 photos of you and your curls to by Thursday, November 7th."

Can you imagine the reaction? A size 2-6 wardrobe. Loads and loads of comments came in.

Here are just a few.

"I never comment or post on here but the whole 2-6 sizing is disappointing to see coming from a company who claims to encourage natural. Though that size is natural for many it's not for all of us and even the fact that you'd post that is offensive" ~Ana~

Ya! I second that Danielle! What about us curvy girls?! U better rethink those sizes devacurl people!

"lol. my hair alone is bigger than a size 6!!"~Audrey~

"I Cannot believe this.... Now you are asking for a specific size!!!! Why??? You should be ashamed!!!!!! deva curl was introduced to me by my friend who is not a size u are asking about neither am i!!!!!!! She was all exited to submit her photos!!! She posted this on her facebook She has introduced your Products to the whole office. Now you insult her!!!! How dare you !! You should apologize etc!!!!!!!!!~Rita~

"Disappointed that this is only for size 2-6 ladies. What about us larger curly-haired ladies?"~Clara~

"Wow... Curly haired girls have struggled for years with their hair ... Now we have to think about size 2-6 ...agreed not nice!"~Kathryn~

"Just like hair comes in all shapes, so do the gals who are rockin' it. Come on Deva, you're better than this."~Colleen~

"Ya! I second that Danielle! What about us curvy girls?! U better rethink those sizes devacurl people!"~Carol~

" I am also extremely disappointed in the body size restriction that perpetuateske the notion that only a very small fraction of bodies, that in no way actually represents curlies realistically, are beautiful/ worth capturing"~Ellen~

" I'd totally do this but I don't fit those sizes. If I am a curly HAIR model why the size restrictions? I am more representative of the majority than a size 2-6 person. No offense meant to thin women but this is very upsetting. I only use Deva products "~Rennie~

"Yeah, don't discriminate against those of us who may be a little bigger!"~Candy~

Now these are the ones my friends and I captured on our phones, prior to DEVA - don't want no big gurls, CURL , taking down the Facebook Post.


"Diversity is a DevaCurl priority and one that will be well reflected across all our brand communications. This is just the first of several professional photoshoots planned for 2013/2014."~DevaCurl~


"Fret not, Curly Girls! Please know, we value and welcome the views and opinions of the collective curl community and want the conversation to continue. Diversity is a DevaCurl priority and one that will be well reflected across all our brand communications. This is just the first of several professional photoshoots planned for 2013/2014."~DevaCurl~

My response: FRET NOT?????????????? Do we look like children to you? You speak as if we should be patted on our heads and everything will just go away, we will be satisfied. I can well imagine there are alot of women who are totally disgusted by you, by the perpetuation of this sterotype of "Who is beautiful?" I think you owe alot of us an apology.
Society has a lovely way of trying to put all of us women in this little bitty tiny box, as i read online "Dont' try to think outside the box, Understand that there is NO box" So dear DevaCurl, stop trying to put us curly gurls in the box.

We have mothers and sisters and daughters and neices, AND we have husbands and fathers and sons and nephews that love us just as we are! By putting a number on who is accepted and who is not, it again tells society who is beautiful. DO you know that we have children ages FIVE that have body image issues. I am not asking you to change the world, but i am asking you to be the change. FRET NOT?????? Oh you have opened up a whole can of fretting, see its not just about this one show in New York. Its about a collective soul of women that YOU have offended.

You can take down the Facebook post, you can try some crowd control. However a whole group of us will not forget. And remember in the beginning when i said i can be very persuasive, if anyone ask me about DevaCurl I used to say how awesome the product was, now the first thing i will tell them is about how you are part of a societal problem, thinking inside the box.

This takes me to one more point, the trend setting show in Niagara Falls Canada, the one i politely got a no thank you, i wonder if i was not selected based on your idea of that 2-6 size.

Just makes me realize how small minded that post was.

Proudly no longer a DevaCurl gurl,